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In search of a quick, fuss-free sale of your house? If you need to sell very badly, we can help you with that as we buy houses really quick! We buy from people who are in the same predicament. So that we can buy houses, yours in particular, we need certain information from you which will be vital to the offer we make. We can start the process of taking your house off your hands as soon you give us your contact details on our form: We need only three things: 1. Your name; 2. Your contact number; and 3. Your Australia (AU) Post Code. Type these in and send it to us, and a We Buy Houses expert will get back to you in no time. Contact us today! It’s that simple; it’s that Fast—only at We Buy Houses Deals!


How and Why we started our business of acquiring houses

We started small and later developed a network of property buyers in areas all over AU. It is our goal to use our background on the acquisition of real property to ease the situation of traditional property buying and selling practices wherein people in a rut (in search of much-needed money but can’t sell their houses speedily) are only pushed to direst need.

Our background: We have been involved in real property for years. In that time, we’ve seen many approaches in the acquisition of properties in AU which are used for commercial property sales but can also be applied in the sale of houses. Being investors in the AU, it means that we can acquire homes because of some alternatives and resources at hand that we can utilise. So if your search is for one such company, we are the ones to get in touch with. But before we can buy a home, we need to qualify it first, which is why we need your information.

The real estate situation: Along with our insight and experience, we have also observed how owners sell their houses but find it tough doing so. They get pushed into spending the last of their cash just to bring their properties up to par with certain buyers’ or their estate agent’s expectations—yet still can’t sell for months on end. What’s worse is that some even drop the price on their houses in an effort to hook a client! Their financial needs sometimes lead them to take drastic measures. It must have been hard to decide to sell their home. But it is a pity what they have to resort to so they can finally sell. If you call us so you can sell yours, we will buy that home. We feel that, accepting life’s challenges, your present house situation should bring you forward in the direction you wish to take your life, rather than hold you back.

Our goal: Simply and succinctly, we buy houses. We understand the financial predicament of those who let go of their houses out of need. Though it doesn’t really matter what the reasons are, most need quick, if not immediate, respite. We can buy houses with the resources available to us and give immediate relief to cash concerns. So if you sell your houses, we are prepared to make you a fair cash offer on your real property, “as is, where is.” Every day counts, so we buy houses the soonest time you want. No fees or commissions. No fees or charges. No fuss involved. And yes, FAST.



Years of being in this business has brought us close to the core of how people feel and think when they realize they have need to sell what properties they have. There are many reasons why homeowners let go of their houses. But for whatever reasons, we buy these houses and offer the owners the option of moving forward with their lives. Keep in mind though that YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST ONE TO BE IN THIS SITUATION. Many have turned to us for the same concerns on their houses. We appreciate the fears you are going through and the challenges that you face. That’s why we work earnestly to get a perfect understanding of your situation and apply a unique solution. It may be a tough decision to sell your home, but choosing the right way to do it may be even tougher. We buy houses, but only when you decide to go forward with it. Drop us a line today, or give us your contact details to get our simple but effective, no-obligation services and advice.


Some possible reasons why you may be thinking of selling your home:

  • You are considering relocation. You need to sell your home because of your decision to move due to the rising crime rate in your neighborhood, or any other reason. It could also be that you are forced to relocate for work-related reasons or even military deployment. Or perhaps you are considering the purchase of your dream home that has just been put on the market and want to move quickly before somebody else snatches it from under your nose. For any of these reasons, you would need to do something about the house you are leaving. Many homeowners decide to sell their homes, for the cash they get could do well to finance the move or pay for the new home they want. If you decide to sell, we buy homes with minimum delay. Give us your contact details today.
  • You are facing foreclosure. We can buy your house, even if you’re facing foreclosure. But, you need to inform us at once so that we can still beat the deadline and save your home. You can avoid foreclosure on your properties because we buy houses fast, and the cash you get can help pay off your debts. You can even buy your new home with what’s left over from it.
  • You are in debt: You may owe money but find yourself unable to meet your obligations. Especially if your debt goes over what your home is worth, you may need to let go of your house. If you sell out real quick, you can avoid fees on cleaning and repairs. Doing this allows you to concentrate on the future ahead of you, instead of lingering in debt. So tell us your situation. We won’t delay. We buy houses—and real quick too.
  • Your circumstances may have changed: Some changes in your life situation may push you to consider looking for someone who will buy houses. You may have lost your job and can no longer meet payments on your home. Or else, you may be dealing with divorce where you may need to split your properties. In this case, a real quick sale may prove beneficial and have both parties satisfied with dividing the proceeds. You need to call on those who can buy houses at a short notice. You won’t need to search far for we can do this to ease your situation. We do buy houses in varied states or condition. So you need not worry whether your home is acceptable to us. For we acquire apartments, homes and condos. Any kind of house. So we can buy that house which is bringing you grief and offer a solution to your concern, please choose your favorite way of getting in touch. Whatever it is, do it soon, so we can respond in a timely manner.
  • You may have unwanted houses on your hands: You may have come to a recent inheritance or have unwanted or vacant properties. While it feels good to own real property, it’s not always a good idea to own a house you neither use nor want because it always means having to deal with taxes and paying for utilities and maintenance. Getting rid of unused or unwanted properties will also allow you to take your investment elsewhere or finance certain ventures. That way, you won’t miss out on any real estate opportunities in the market. So, if you sell your home, we can help you find a solution, because we buy houses of any size or condition in any Australian state or city. Our company will buy all homes we consider at a fairly competitive market price.
  • You may be planning retirement soon: If retirement is on the horizon, the sale of your house can finance your needs or may give you the funding and security you need when you get older; this will allow you to live comfortably on your own We can give you a cash offer without waiting too long, as we can buy houses every day with our capital. This is, after all, our business.
  • Your home is too big for you: As you get older, you may need to plan in a timely manner. You may wish to rent or buy yourself a smaller place. It is a reality that our children grow up and move out to live their own If this is true for you, you may be living in a house that’s too big for you and the upkeep may also prove too much. It would be a wise move to turn your house, or houses, for that matter, into cash a make a more suitable investment in consideration of your advancing age. We can buy houses at a short notice, so you may provide your details on the space provided, if this is what you’re search of. We guarantee you a cash offer in as short as 24 hours. All you need to do is contact us or type in your information on the form provided.
  • You are finding it hard dealing with bad tenants who don’t pay rent, damaged property or liens on your houses: Tough times come even to the best of us, and these usually come and compound at the worst times. If you own such an estate, do not delay making your decision, as hard as it may be. We can take the situation out of your hands as we purchase this home. No worries, no hassles. No more headaches to deal with. You see, when we buy a home, we buy the challenges that come with it. We deal with bad tenants, the condition of the house and take care of the liens. It’s a win-win situation: You get your problems off your back; we get to buy that home that has given you cause for worry.
  • You are tired of trying to sell the traditional way: You may have become fed up of having your realtor tell you to paint this room, plant some blooms or even to leave the house for yet another last-minute walk-through with still another prospective buyer, without any visible results or relief in the near future. It is not easy to find clients who buy houses at short notice or have the capacity to deal with the expense of houses that are not in great shape. So if you have decided to go for a fuss-free solution, leave us your details today and we’ll get back to you with a quick estimate on how much your home is worth. A lot of homeowners have switched to our system. If you copy what they’ve done, you could save yourself a lot of stress and worry. Don’t fret about how soon coz we buy houses at the most timely opportunity.



Why Choose We Buy Houses Deals?

  1. We understand your predicament – We respond to your need of respite in the soonest time possible, with no obligations. We can buy houses no matter what your reasons are. While we are empathetic about your situation, we can only buy if you get in touch and provide us your information. Copy the number on the site page and use it to call. You may also use the boxes provided to enter your data for an online request. Remember, we are here to help.
  2. We can buy your house fast – We’ve said it enough, but we’ll say it again. We buy houses in whatever state they are in, as is, in any Australian city, quickly and cost-free. We buy Copy that? Quick. So there’s no need to look further. Spend less time worrying and focus on moving forward. Give us a ring, pronto!
  3. We give you a fair price – We do consider the state of your properties when giving you a price, but it won’t stop us giving you a fair figure. Our customers have been satisfied with the value we place on their houses so far; otherwise, we wouldn’t have lasted in our business this long. Just remember: So that we can buy this home from you, you need to furnish us your details. The sooner you do, the quicker we can work on it. We offer you a fair buy for your home, whatever condition it is in. To give you an idea of how we compute the fair value of our offer, get in touch today. We buy at a competitive market rate. We do that each time we give a client an offer to buy.
  4. We do all the work involved – Once you signify that you are satisfied in proceeding with the sale of your home, we at We Buy Houses Deals will process all the paperwork. All you have to do is sign the documents and receive the payment. And of course, we provide you a copy of all pertinent papers for our transaction.
  5. We work around your schedule – Some people may a have a timeline to work with, and we submit to that. We only buy houses when you sell. We will proceed with the sale as quickly as you want us to or take our time. The essential thing is we get the process moving. So whether you want it go real quick or slowly, contact us for an offer today.
  6. Our services are cost-free – We buy houses; you don’t need to pay us to do it. We are not realtors nor do we work for a real estate So there is no charge for our services.
  7. You can walk away, no obligations – If you dont feel like proceeding, we won’t charge you anything (in fact, we provide our services free). If you dont think you are getting the best option, we dont hold it against you if you walk away.


How we work

We act upon your approval: We listen to you and assess your situation. With your assent, we act quickly by picking the solution that best fits your need and what you desire to achieve with your property sale. Working together, we can arrive at a win-win situation that works for all. We put our cards on the table with no hidden agenda but to purchase your properties under conditions you find acceptable. If at any instance you feel that we cannot help you ease your situation, feel free to walk away, without obligation. We only buy houses, not impose upon you.

We keep ourselves in top form: In order to consistently deliver the most effective solutions to every possible situation in the real estate arena, we strive to be updated on requirements or other needs related to buying and selling houses in AU. We affiliate ourselves with the necessary organizations and keep our licence to operate our type of business valid and up to date. We always keep our permits and licence to operate in order. We make sure that we are always ready to legally buy houses from our clients, at the times they need us most.

We work by ethical means: Understand that We Buy Houses Deals exists to assist you in achieving the closest, if not the most, they can to their ideal sale of their houses. We are not here to do you in, or take advantage of your situation. Our way of life and our integrity rest in the fair and honest conduct of our business with you. Although we do not have a copyright to this approach and while others may have followed our lead in conducting this business, we urge you to have a look around and explore your options. Make sure to find out whether the company you are researching has a permit or licence to operate in Australia and has the appropriate affiliations. We are confident though that we can give you the best options on your home.


Your role

  • First you need to contact us at We Buy Houses If you feel comfortable providing your details online, do so today and expect a sooner response from a representative nearest you. But if you would like to hear a reassuring voice on the other end, please call us at the number provided. Either way, we stand to give you an offer on any of your houses you want to put on sale. If you accept it, we will buy that house.
  • Let us know your situation. As we said, we will tailor the solution to your particular situation. We don’t really mind what the reasons are, only that we are able to understand your property situation better so we may serve you in the best way possible. If you’re looking for quick cash for your home, we buy houses but won’t discriminate. Spend less time worrying about your situation; take action now. Give us a ring.
  • Decide whether to take our offer. Remember, you can always walk away.


You think your house won’t sell fast because:

  • It looks ugly – Don’t worry. Regardless of the way it looks, we will buy that home. We will buy it as it is, no need to make it look better. Our main goal is: buy houses; we don’t judge properties by appearance alone, so it doesn’t matter to us how they look. It won’t affect the offer we give you either. We always buy at a fair market price.
  • It needs repairs – No repairs are necessary for us to consider acquiring your house. We buy houses whatever its present state. But know that, as we strive to give you a fair market price, the state of disrepair of your house may have some bearing on the price we offer. If you want more information on how we valuate your home, get in touch with us. Whenever we process a home buy, we like to be clear and upfront about how we do things. Ring us up today, or connect with us online by providing your details. It’s very important to get these concerns off your chest before we buy your home. This is always the best way in dealing with buy houses which have been pre-loved, so to speak.
  • You are facing foreclosure – We have experience handling houses on foreclosure for clients. Rest assured that this is not a deterrent to us: We will buy your house. In our experience, homeowners with homes for foreclosure need the most help. They can be vulnerable to some realtors who may take advantage of their plight by driving down the asking price. This is why we buy many homes facing foreclosure. We do buy homes all the time, but we mostly get to deal with a lot of foreclosures. In such cases, we advise you, the homeowner, to get in contact with us sooner, so we may put in motion steps to save your house before the deadline.
  • You’re can’t cover any fees, charges or commissions involved in the sale of your house – We charge no fees for what we do. We are here so that we can buy houses. That’s it. Any work pertaining to acquiring your house falls to us. You don’t have to pay us a cent, neither do we charge commissions. So you need not be concerned about this at all. If you’re selling your house, we can buy it from you in no time. Once we buy, you can move on to a better phase of your life. We don’t just buy homes; we bring you peace of mind.



If you decide that you will sell your house the traditional way, by enlisting a real estate agent, they may require you to accomplish a series of repairs on your house in order for them to have salient points. Of course, it is normal to want to sell something that will look good to buyers, so their work demands that the properties they sell for you are in tip-top shape. A real estate agent—when he can sell your house on the market—will also charge a commission on top of your house sale, as they would need to work hard to bring in prospective clients who buy houses. So it may take some time to show your estate to the right buyers before it will actually sell. This is why the traditional way takes time and costs the homeowner more to get the home off their hands.



We are not estate agents. Our business is in the purchase of houses. So if you’re in search of a company that can buy out your estate, we buy houses FAST and FREE of charge. We cut down on your waiting time because we buy these houses direct. We won’t spend weeks or months looking for the perfect buyer for you. We just go on and buy houses from clients who contact us. We don’t require any extra work done on your house, any painting or repairs. None at all. So bringing your house to We Buy Houses Deals cuts down on your costs and doesn’t add to your already growing number of concerns. We buy houses. That’s all there is to it.


What you don’t/won’t have to do if you come to We Buy Houses Deals

  • Spend tiresome days—or months even—dragging prospective buyers around your house, waiting for the sale to happen: We make it a point to close a sale quickly, so we always work diligently so we can buy houses within the shortest time possible. We buy You won’t need to spend days or weeks trying to convince us your house is worth the buy. We don’t waste your time trying to bargain down the price. We don’t use psychology on you to force you to give a cheaper value on your house. We take a look at your home and make an offer so we can buy it quick. No smart maneuvers and no sob stories involved.
  • Listen to a client as they search your home for all the ‘defects’ they find: We won’t hand you a list that will make you feel bad about your house. We don’t need you to feel guilty about the state it is in just so we can buy it cheap. We assess your house and know what we can offer for it. And we can tell you that it is always a fair market price that you get. So when we buy your home, we spare you from all the negativity that often accompanies bargaining. We know you have a lot on your plate without having to deal you more distress. Whenever we get to buy houses such as these (with lots of damage, defects, etc), homeowners always make a visible sigh of relief. We feel elated that we can provide a solution instead of compounding an already sad situation.
  • Make repairs, re-painting or any improvements at all: We buy homes even if these are in states of disrepair. We don’t need you to make improvements. We will go on and buy your home even if the tiles are broken or the roof is falling in. We still buy houses no matter how damaged they are. In this way, we spare you from spending on repairs or renovations
  • Pay outrageous fees and commissions: When we buy homes, we don’t look at it as an opportunity to make money; we look at it as an investment. We can buy houses directly without needing to charge fees because we have resources that allow us to do so. We don’t work in the way realtors do. They on the other hand need to charge you fees or commissions because that is their way of life. They sell; we just buy.

Our Guarantee

When you choose to work with us in the sale of your homes, we can assure you we will respond quickly and apply the solution that works best in your case. We do business so we can buy your houses, whatever state they are in, no matter the size or shape and in whatever Australian city. Houses are our main line, whatever type they may be: You may own town houses, condos, apartments, two-storey houses or brick houses. We buy any of these homes, except for mobile homes. Speedy, effective and free of charge.




Do you buy only distressed homes or foreclosures?

We also buy homes in great shape and from those who own one without needing to sell quickly. Some people just love that they can sell without the hassle. But if you are facing foreclosure, we suggest you contact our number long before the deadline closes on your home. We do buy houses in foreclosure, but we have to catch them before final foreclosure takes place.

Will you buy my home if I’m in bankruptcy?

Yes, we do buy such homes. We work with your lawyer to make sure the offer we make is accepted at court. After the proceedings, if all goes well, we can then buy that home. But please do get in contact with us the earliest possible time if you are in this situation, so we can proceed in the soonest time possible.

After I give details on my estate for sale, will you be listing that on your site?

We do not list houses like www.realestate.au, www.property.au, or allhomes.au. We buy homes. We buy the estate directly from you so you won’t have to go through estate agent and be charged commissions and fees.

Do you buy trashy or run down homes?

We buy homes in any condition, old or new, run down or in perfect shape. We also buy houses even if these are damaged, old or even ugly. This has really helped many out of their situation.


Do you buy only houses?

We mainly buy houses, but we buy many other types of properties, too, including condos, town homes, apartments and raw land. Just leave your contact number on the form provided or get in touch through our number, and we can tell you how you qualify.


How much commission and fees do your charge for services?

We do not charge any fees or commission as we are not realtors. We are buyers of properties or estate investors, so we charge nothing for properties we buy or acquire from those who sell.

Do you buy homes with people in them?

We do buy such property in our business. Sometimes, we buy the home and keep the present tenant. Some are owner-occupied, and the rent arrangements have worked out well.

If I sell my house, will I have the option of doing so in a longer time frame?

I you wish to take your time, it is acceptable for us to buy according to your schedule. Take as long as need. Our capital and available resources will allow us to close any time. Provide us your contact details so we can discuss the arrangements.

Are there obligations on my part for just giving you my information?

None at all. When you give us a call or get in touch with us online, that is just the beginning of our relationship. But in no way does that constitute any obligation on your part. In fact, all throughout the process, we ensure that you are no way pressured into selling your home. The decision to proceed with any sale or any properties rests upon you.